You said you’d be back in 2020; what happened?

We spent the time since the last festival talking to everyone involved in Head For The Hills about what we wanted it to be in 2020 and beyond. We’ve been working on that vision, finding people who share our passion for the festival, and figuring out how to make it sustainable for years to come. Understandably that all took some time: by the time everyone was on board, we realised we wouldn’t have the time to deliver the vision fully in 2020. We worked hard to get everything signed off in time, but ultimately decided to concentrate on making 2021 brilliant, and use 2020 to help make that happen.

Will 2021 happen?

We understand some people will be disappointed after we stated our aim was to return with the full festival in 2020. But with renewed commitment from partners and funders for 2021, and a range of H4TH gigs and events in 2020, you’ll see that we’re more focused than ever on making something brilliant happen back in the hills.

What’s happening in 2020?

We’ll be very active in 2020. A little taster of the many things that make Head For The Hills great, at locations across Bury. It’s our contribution to Bury’s year as the Greater Manchester Town of Culture. Will a stage pitch up in Ramsbottom or Radcliffe for the day? Will our strolling theatre artists stroll all the way to Tottington? Affordable arts and music events will pop up in each borough of Bury this year. Sign up to the newsletter or make sure you follow us on social media to find out more.

What will be different about the new Head For The Hills?

We’re going to retain much of what made the festival great over the last 8 years. However our new partners and enhanced team mean we can make significant improvements. Having spoken to festival-goers and looked at what other festivals are around, we’re going to focus on making Head For The Hills a festival of discovery, surprises and new music. There will be up to 3 times more music across the site with more performance spaces and artists. There will also be improvements to not just the infrastructure in the site, but the immersive and creative activities across the festival.

Who is involved?

The Met in Bury will still be vital partners at the forefront of the festival. Head For The Hills (previously Ramsbottom Festival) was created, and has been run by The Met since 2011. The Met are an independent charity who run a live music venue and arts centre in Bury town centre, passionate about supporting artists and delivering fantastic art and music events across the borough. As well as handling every element of the festival organisation over the first 8 years (from licensing and safety, to technical co-ordination, site management and infrastructure, vendor management, ticketing, marketing and all the financial management and governance that goes in to an event of this size) The Met has programmed arts and entertainment across the festival, including acts like Slow Readers Club, Public Service Broadcasting, Stealing Sheep, Maximo Park, British Sea Power, Idlewild, Richard Hawley, The Selector, Fun Lovin’ Criminals, The Go! Team and hundreds more.  

We’re very excited that Head For The Hills will go forward with Scruff Of The Neck as partners in the event for a 4th year running. SOTN are a proudly independent Manchester-based music company whose mission is to take artistic talent from hobby to career and fully focus on unearthing the best emerging talent from Greater Manchester and beyond. SOTN perfectly reflect The Met’s own commitment to artist development and reaching new audiences. In recent years SOTN have brought artists including Ist Ist, Giant Rooks, Cassia, Glass Caves and dozens more to Head For The Hills, who have all provided highlights for festival-goers and left with plenty of new fans. Most importantly, SOTN share the same belief and passion for the festival as everyone else involved.

Will Head For The Hills Happen at the same venue?

We’re working towards hosting the festival at Ramsbottom Cricket Club again in 2021. We love the cricket club site and have invested lots of time and work into making it a suitable location over the years. We’ll continue to work towards a return to our regular site as well as exploring options for the long-term future of the festival.

I represent an artist who wanted to play or be involved in Head For The Hills. What now?

Keep sending us your music, your shows, and your ideas! We host gigs all year round at The Met, and planning for the 2021 festival starts now!

I want to or have previously volunteered at Head For The Hills and I’ll be sad to miss 2019. What can I do?

Don’t be sad! The same people are still here at The Met, and we’ll still be doing gigs, theatre shows, events and yes (smaller) festivals that we need your help with. There’s information about volunteering on The Met website, or you can email volunteers@themet.org.uk, and it’ll be time to Head For The Hills again before you know it.

I have a comment or question, who do I contact?

We’ve already surveyed ticket buyers for the festival from 2018 and earlier, to get an idea of what motivates them to attend Head For The Hills, and get their opinions on what we’ve got right and what we can improve. If you’ve already responded to this survey, then thank you; your opinions have been heard. If you’ve got more you’d like to tell us about the last 8 years, or what you’d hope for in 2021, drop us a line via the usual social media channels, or email info@themet.org.uk.

We won’t be surprised if some people are disappointed, but we hope everyone will appreciate the need to reflect on the challenges and successes of the last 8 years. We’re planning to come back inspired, with a Head For The Hills that offers something special and unique for 2020 and beyond.

How do I find out more?

We’ll be releasing more news about 2020 and 2021 soon; the best way to stay in touch is to sign up to our mailing list in the footer of this website.


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