Why isn’t Head For The Hills on in 2019?

Because it’s really hard work putting on a festival the size of Head For The Hills, and as a small team after 8 years we need time to plan and secure a long term future for the festival. You can read our full statement on our news page here

Why does that mean Head For The Hills has to miss a year?

2018 was a brilliant festival for many artists and attendees, but for the first time since we started we weren’t able to grow and improve on the previous year to the level that we would have liked. Having spoken to our festival-goers, partners and each other, we’re confident that people will understand a) the need to re-invigorate the festival and b) that we won’t be able to do that while also running a full-scale festival in 2019.

When will Head For The Hills return?

We’re planning to return with something special in 2020. We’ll be announcing dates during 2019. Keep an eye on the website and social media channels in the new year.

Who has made this decision?

Head For The Hills has always been run by The Met, Bury, as a showcase for both The Met’s programme of music and arts, and as a way to reach a wider audience for our corner of Greater Manchester (or if you prefer, East Lancashire). Much of the same team have been involved for the whole 8 years so far, and the decision to take a year out to improve our ability to deliver brilliant festivals in 2020 and beyond has been taken by us all, with the support of our board of trustees and various partners.

Will Head For The Hills change sites?

We’ve had a brilliant time at Ramsbottom Cricket Club over the last 8 years, and we know a number of local residents love having a festival of such high quality within walking distance. The current site has its challenges, but we love it. We’ll take this all into consideration while we plan how to deliver the best festival possible. We wouldn’t be doing it properly if we didn’t consider all the options open to us. As a Bury-based organisation, whatever happens we’ll be serving residents of the Bury area (and we do love it in Rammy).

I represent an artist who wanted to play or be involved in Head For The Hills. What now?

Keep sending us your music, your shows, and your ideas! We host gigs all year round at The Met, and planning for the 2020 festival starts now!

I want to or have previously volunteered at Head For The Hills and I’ll be sad to miss 2019. What can I do?

Don’t be sad! The same people are still here at The Met, and we’ll still be doing gigs, theatre shows, events and yes (smaller) festivals that we need your help with. There’s information about volunteering on The Met website, or you can email volunteers@themet.org.uk, and it’ll be time to Head For The Hills again before you know it.

I have a comment or question, who do I contact?

We’ve already surveyed ticket buyers for the festival from 2018 and earlier, to get an idea of what motivates them to attend Head For The Hills, and get their opinions on what we’ve got right and what we can improve. If you’ve already responded to this survey, then thank you; your opinions have been heard. If you’ve got more you’d like to tell us about the last 8 years, or what you’d hope for in 2020, drop us a line via the usual social media channels, or email info@themet.org.uk.

We won’t be surprised if some people are disappointed, but we hope everyone will appreciate the need to reflect on the challenges and successes of the last 8 years. We’re planning to come back inspired, with a Head For The Hills that offers something special and unique for 2020 and beyond.


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