Ticket prices

Head for the Hills tickets go up in price as we get nearer to the event; buy your tickets today to make sure you get the best price and avoid disappointment. See the price list here.

Family discount

We’ll give you a discount on the price of Full Festival Tickets when you buy for 2 adults and 2 or 3 children (6-13) or teens (14-17). The reduction applies once you add your tickets to the cart.

Children and teen admissions

Children and teenagers aged 17 and under will only be admitted if accompanied by an adult. Proof of age may be required.

Transaction fee

A £2.50 per-transaction fee is payable on all bookings.

Ticket delivery

When you book your tickets, choose between having them mailed to you, or printing them at home:

  • Mail We will post your tickets to you at the end of August. You will be charged £1 for this in addition to the cost of your tickets.
  • Print-at-home When you make your purchase you will immediately afterwards receive an email from us with your pdf tickets. Just print these out and bring them to the festival.