Liam Frost

Liam Frost and The Latchkey Kids

Saturday 15 September

The Latchkey Kids are the latest band from critically acclaimed singer Liam Frost.

Liam says of the band: “The project began as me on my own and initial line-ups came out of the back of the reunion of my former band The Slowdown Family. I’ve never been one to sit still or look back, and as fun as the idea seemed, another Slowdown Family album seemed a little revisionist. So there I was with an album’s worth of songs, but a desire to very much be a part of the dynamic that a band brings. This is where I met (multi-instrumentalist and album producer – Gary Barlow, Donny Osmond, Janet Devlin, Geri Halliwell, LZ7) Roo Walker, who helped to shape the sound of the whole thing and put together the band. All of us had worked together on separate projects before, but were very excited by the thought of working together. [First single] Smoke was the first part of that process – a true collaboration.”

He adds: “Musically, I think I wanted to shed the skin of my past ventures and push myself as a musician and songwriter within the confines of a new band. And I’ve felt for some time that there was a level of cod-soul, semi-Nashville singer songwriter stuff around that didn’t really say a great deal – lyrically holding no weight whatsoever. Songwriting for the sake of getting famous, rather than actually wanting to say something legitimate. I want to reestablish myself as a genuine ‘alternative’ in country-inspired music. On that note, I always felt that there were folks from this side of the Atlantic who worked in that sphere that felt inauthentic. I like to call it the Instagrammification or X-Factorisation of everything. There is a way of using tropes and elements of that style while still retaining a British voice.”

Described by Elbow’s Guy Garvey as “the UK’s answer to Bright Eyes”, Liam Frost has released two critically acclaimed solo albums and played with Ray Davies, Elbow, Richard Hawley, The Decemberists and Willy Mason.

The Latchkey Kids are Roo Walker, Lucy Fellows, Luke Flowers, Etienne Girard, Christian Madden, Scott Poley, Roberto Ruiz and Jim Jayawardena.

Currently hard at work at Parr Street Studios, Liverpool, the band will release their eponymous debut album later this month.

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