James Frith / Craig Adams

News: MP James Frith helps create official festival beer for Head for the Hills

Bury born Silver Street Brewing Co. is again brewing something special, supplying the official festival beer for Head For The Hills in 2018. 

Last Friday Ramsbottom’s local MP James Frith visited the brewery, rolled up his sleeves and got stuck in to help out with the very first brew of the festival ale. James dug out the leftover mash, a vital part of the process at the end of brewing. The spent mash was then loaded up for a local farmer to feed his cows. The Silver Street brewery team talked James through the technicsl, brewing process. He was able to enjoy samples of beers at different stages of fermentation and discussed the brewing industry in general at length.

James Frith


Alongside his political duties Labour MP James Frith has a big passion for music. He’s even played Glastonbury’s new bands tent; a fact he famously included in his maiden speech to parliament.

“Head For The Hills is one of the cultural highlights of the year for the area and I’m delighted to support the festival.” James said. “Seeing how local Bury businesses like The Met and Silver Street Brewing Co work together to bring such passion and expertise to the weekend makes the experience even more enjoyable for me. It’s great to see Bury’s food, drink and culture so involved in promoting the local area. Having seen the work that goes into planning and brewing first hand I’ll appreciate sampling a pint in September even more.”

James Frith / Craig Adams

A Refreshing, New Festival Beer for H4H  2018

Head Brewer Craig Adams, himself a keen musician, has been experimenting with different ingredients and recipes for almost a year in an attempt to find the perfect festival beer for us. “So many festivals seem to think it’s OK to sell disappointing, expensive beer to music fans, and that’s something we wanted to change when we first got invited to work with the Head For The Hills Festival in 2014. The festival beer we’re making for Head For The Hills 2018 will be incredibly light and refreshing. With a blend of English and Pacific hops to it will have a citrusy flavour. At 3.8% you should still be awake by the time the headliners come on stage.”

“Music is an important part of what we do and we always put a lot of thought into what we listen to when brewing.” says Craig. “The beer ferments and matures right here in the brewery, so it has to listen to the same playlists as us. We are going to put together a festival playlist to make sure this brew puts everyone in the festival mood!”


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