News: Head For The Hills Is Having a Break

The Next Head For The Hills will take place in 2020.


The Met has achieved so much of what we set out to do when we created what was Ramsbottom Festival in 2011. Over 8 years we’ve brought world famous names to Ramsbottom, given festival exposure to local bands and international newcomers, and entertained over 60,000 music lovers up in the hills.  

We don’t aim to make big profits from this festival; instead we want to create something brilliant; a showcase for our corner of Greater Manchester and East Lancashire, something to shine a light on the Borough of Bury. This is delivered by a small team of just 14 permanent staff, who create up to 250 events, workshops, gigs and shows a year at The Met, as well as Head For The Hills.  

Since we created the festival we’ve seen big changes to the festival market, with more events than ever taking place in Manchester and Lancashire, some no doubt buoyed by what we achieve in Ramsbottom. 

This means Head For The Hills as you know it will not take place in 2019. This will be a disappointment to some, but our plan is to come back with something brilliant in 2020. 

We exist as an organisation to bring new ideas to new audiences. To do that, we need a little break. A chance to look around, listen to our friends, partners, and the people, artists and festivals who inspire us. 

Our aim is still to deliver an outstanding event, unique for our area. Having done that for 8 years, and having listened to the feedback from our festival-goers, we’re more determined than ever to bring brilliance to Bury. 

Thank you to everyone who has supported us, played for us and most importantly enjoyed the last 8 Septembers in the Ramsbottom hills. We look forward to partying with you again in 2020.  


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